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This is the GRITTY podcast where we talk about ALL things GRITTY. Life is not easy… life isn’t fair, it never was and it will NEVER be. A good life takes GRIT--because the best things in life come from hard work, sacrifice, resolve, determination, and perseverance--because GRIT means never quitting, it means coming back time and time again until you succeed. So on this show we talk hunting, we talk outdoors, we talk conservation, we talk family and life. We talk fitness. And we talk strength. Strength of body, strength of mind and strength of character. Prioritize who you are and who you want to be. Get GRITTY--because life isn’t fair and a little GRIT can make all the difference.
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Jul 30, 2015

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Aron Snyder decides to do a Kifaru backpack giveaway to Gritty Bowmen podcast listeners. I’m not so big into advertising or offering promotional stuff or into sales. But I’ve been receiving emails and PMs daily from people who cannot find our podcast on iTunes under the hunting or outdoors category searches. Our listeners have found us by word of mouth or on Youtube, FB or Instagram. In fact, when you go to iTunes and do a category search for outdoor podcasts, the Gritty Bowmen podcast does not show up in the search. Apparently, only featured podcasts by Apple are shown. According to apple, they couldn’t show all the outdoor podcasts or there would be thousands. So the chances of someone finding the Gritty Bowmen podcast by browsing in iTunes for a hunting podcast is very slim until Apple recognizes our podcast and features our content. And apparently, our Gritty Bowmen cover art in iTunes is too gory for apple so we’re thinking about changing that. 

I want the Gritty Bowmen brand to grow organically, to be made up of genuine fans with an interest in what we’re doing. I want every review on iTunes to be obtained because someone is genuinely into the show—and NOT because we’re giving away a pack or doing some other promotional offer. So until now, we have avoided promotional offers. But then I got to thinking, do I leave reviews for the podcasts I listen to, and really like? The truth is, before I started my own podcast I rarely left reviews for the podcasts I listened to and thoroughly enjoyed. So I realized, a little motivation can go a long way. I’m sure you folks are just like me—you’re busy, you have jobs, family and life tugging at you. And I remember the first time I tried to leave a review on iTunes—after 30 minutes of effort and still no review I gave up. It wasn’t until I was sufficiently motivated to leave a review that I stuck with it until I figured out how to do it. So… hence the backpack giveaway. What kind of hunter wouldn’t want a chance at a free backpack anyway! I hope the possibility of winning a free backpack can justify the time it will take for you to leave us review. 

In this podcast you will learn why Aron Snyder is NOT in charge of this  backpack giveaway. His bleeding heart is just not as unbiased as mine. A-Aron just needs to leave this give away to the professionals at the Gritty Bowmen. Aron just needs to donate the pack—we’ll take it from here. 

Aron seems to think that our listeners in Djibouti should be left out of the giveaway. But we, at the Gritty Bowmen will not discriminate. Which brings up another point, the giveaway is not restricted to Apple users. You android and apple-haters can participate in the giveaway by leaving us a review on Stitcher. And while you’re leaving us a review on Stitcher or iTunes—be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already. This way, you can have all of the episodes automatically download to your mobile device so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. And for people like Tom Ryle or my college roommate Chad Nelson, who are struggling with leaving us a review on iTunes or Stitcher, Mark Brownlee and I will be creating a little “Gritty Tip instructional video on “how to leave a review and how to subscribe to a podcast.” So look for that Gritty Tip in the next week or so. The deadline to participate in the giveaway is September 10th so don’t worry, you have some time to wait for our little instructional video to do your review. 

Lastly, the giveaway extends to everyone who has EVER left us a review. 

And without further ado, here is today’s podcast. 

Alright folks, 

As you can see, Aron is not qualified to manage this backpack giveaway. Although he is very qualified to donate the pack to the give away. in all seriousness, I want thank Kifaru International for supporting our show and what we’re doing. And I want to personally thank Aron Snyder for being a regular on the show and graciously sharing his expertise. And I want to thank all of you out there listening and supporting the show—your feedback is awesome.

Stay tuned for our instructional video on how to leave a review and how to subscribe to a podcast. I wish you all great success in your lives and in your hunts this year. Stay Gritty!

A-A-Ron Substitute Teacher Video

Jul 27, 2015

Episode 19: Dude! Don't Be an Idiot! Sex, Drugs and Fitness w/Aron Snyder

Show Notes:

Aron History fat kid joined the army and then got skinny. After the army he got fat again. Kept eating Butterfingers and Pepsi.

Aron got skinny again and started doing races. He wanted to bench over 500lbs. He weighed 270lbs --"with some drugs that weren’t legal." He dealt with super human aggression and emotion. He said he got so big I couldn’t hardly hunt and he dealt with depression. 

Muscle can be built in different ways. Puffy muscle. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re stronger. It’s not dense. He got back into backpack hunting. But the drugs caused Arrhythmia. He got depression and battled "Bigger-exia." 

Clarity to exercise with the end goal in mind. Aron exercises with a pack on because he wants to be able to hunt with a pack. What’s your end goal? What do you want to be good at? Exercise and train for that.  Longevity - Overall health in life. 

Aron’s Workout Program: 
Lift in the morning at 5. for 30-45 minutes at the most.
Super sets and drop sets. Super sets curls and abs immediately one after the other not a real break in between. Maybe 15 seconds.
Incline bench 15 Crunches 
Do one muscle group per day. 
Dips and pull ups back country fitness workout. 
Afternoon: Climb a mountain. 100m by 100yd. pace. 15-30 sec. break  
4-8 mile loop.
Aron’s optimal caloric intake 2650
120-150 oz. of water per day with supplements or electrolytes 
65% of your muscle is water 15% of your bones are water

Brian’s Take:
3 legged stool: Sleep is 1 leg, Diet is another and Exercise is third.
Diet- Anti Inflammatory foods - Modified Paleo. Meat, Fats, Vegetables

“I don’t play basketball to get into shape. I get into shape so I can play basketball. Because if you play basketball to get into shape—that’s a recipe for injury. You should get into shape so you can DO basketball.” 

Mobility is where injuries come from. 
Ibuprofen like it was a vitamin. 

The Primal Blueprint 

The Paleo Solution 

Mark's Daily Apple Blog

Robb Wolf Blog


Navy Seal Dr. Kirk Parsley- "Barbell Shrugged" Podcast on sleep and testosterone. 

Eat Meat and Fat and keep carbs low. Eat as many vegetables and fruits. Pound the vegetables.  
“Number 1 mistake people make with diet and finances is to not write it down and track it.”
“6000 calorie dinner hooks onto your ass and won’t let go.” Snyderism
M,W,F Brian- Deadlift, squat, over head press
T,TH -power clean, snatches, clean and jerk

How to Get Fit
Stop eating processed carbs
no soda
no sugar
track your intake
eat fruits and vegetables
drink water! 
If you’re hungry-eat!
Cut out enriched flour
Cut out the grains and replace with veggies and fruit.
Under 100 grams of carbs per day for quick weight loss.
Eat fat. Gets full differently
Eat good quality protein.
My fitness pals App.

“you need fat to poop.” Aron Snyder 

Fish Oil- Omega 6-20 to 1 ration Omega 3

Testosterone increases by 30% by going from 6 hours to 8 hours per night. 

Sex drive increases with sleep. 

“We have to have our special time in the morning because after 9 o’clock it would take a bolt of lightening to get an erection—because I’m tired.” 


Jul 23, 2015

“Backcountry Meat Care,Tips and Tactics”

    - In this podcast Aron Snyder shares his tips and tactics for caring for game meat in the backcountry. This is not a ground-breaking podcast—there are literally thousands and thousands of resources for backcountry meat care. This podcast consists mostly of common sense. But if you’re new to hunting or haven’t spent much time caring for meat in the backcountry in warm weather this podcast is for you. And for you seasoned  

“Don’t grab an apple-scented Glad bag and start cramming meat in there…” “Pretend like you’re gonna serve that meat in two hours and so you do everything you can to keep it clean.”

“Don’t have the bi-polar meat processing issue…” 

Avoid bi-polar meat processing issues. Don't move it from shady spot to shady spot throughout the day. Pick a spot that will be shady all day. 


Tag Bags 

Larry Bartlett pristine adventures spray with Citric Acid

Video on deboning by Aron Snyder —Outdoorlife

Step 1: Keep the meat clean

Step 2: Keep it Cool and drain blood

Step 3: Submerge it

Jul 16, 2015

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we are back in Tamarack Idaho for the annual NW Mountain Challenge Archery Shoot and we talk to Ty Stubblefield and Josh Keller of Born and Raised Outdoors. We discuss Ty’s new role with BackCountry Hunters & Anglers as Chapter Coordinator and the importance of conservation, the threat against our hunting lifestyle and how we can join the fight to preserve our traditions, values and way of life. If you’re not familiar with Born and Raised Outdoors you should take some time to get to know these boys through their films which are some of the most real, honest and entertain elk hunting films I’ve seen. 

I really hope you enjoy this podcast because it’s important—the opposition facing hunters today is very real—and Ty Stubblefield is one of those people who is on the front-lines battling to keep our public lands public. As you listen to today’s podcast, please consider what you’re doing to make a difference in preserving the way of life you believe in.  

I am Brian Call and I’m your host. My fellow Gritty Bowmen, Anthony Spencer is my co-host.

Featured in this Podcast:

Full Draw Film Tour Schedule

Gritty Bowmen Film Trailer

Josh Keller's Bugle Challenge Video

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Ducks Unlimited Conservation

Mule Deer Foundation

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 

Okay friends. If you aren’t already a member of BHA—please go to the show notes above and sign-up to be a member and do what you can to support the efforts of this great organization. And don’t just stop there, support other organizations like MDF, RMEF, Ducks Unlimited, etc.. Hunters are conservationists—we make a huge difference. Get behind these organizations and support them if you believe in what they’re doing.  Check-out the links above and do what you can. 

As always, thanks for all of your support for our podcast. A huge thanks to all those who have left us a review on iTunes—those make a difference. And a huge thanks to the Full Draw Film Tour for selecting our film and sharing it in their tour this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, find out when the tour is coming to a city near you and go watch it. Take your whole family. It’s an awesome time with kids and friends. The film tour will be in Salt Lake City on Thursday, July 16th, Fort Collins CO July 17th, Denver CO July 18th, and Hoodoo Oregon July 25th, and in Hays Kansas July 25th. These are just a few of the cities the tour is traveling to in the next couple of weeks. You can see the complete tour schedule on the Full Draw Film Tour website. Go to   Go to the tour—take your family—and tell us what you think of our film. 

Thanks again for listening! The fall hunting season is fast approaching! Good luck this season on your hunts and Stay Gritty! --Brian


Jul 7, 2015

This week on Gritty Bowmen we travel to Tamarack Idaho for the annual NW Mountain Challenge Archery Shoot and we talk to Corey Jacobsen, 7-time world champion elk caller, elk killing machine, and Owner of Extreme Elk Magazine, and most importantly, Husband and father to 3 awesome kids, Isaac, Jessi, and Samuel. Young Isaac is quite the elk caller—here he is giving my hunting partners, Ben and Anthony a lesson on how to bugle with attitude. 

The NW Mt. Challenge was a total blast. After Corey graciously spent the late-afternoon shooting this podcast with us, we had the pleasure of spending the evening shooting our bows on the night course with he and his family. We met is lovely wife Jennifer, who is super cool for many reasons, not least of which because she’s an archer and shoots a cool bow. The night shoot at Tamarack was super cool and was fun for the whole family. Donnie Drake, Corey’s longtime friend and hunting partner shot the night course with us and we were able to get a glimpse of the brotherhood these men share. 

In today’s podcast you’ll hear about what makes a good hunting partner. Corey will tell you how long he’s hunted with his hunting partners and why. And you’ll learn about things such as Corey’s dream situation for killing big bulls. 

If you missed the NW Mt. Challenge in Tamarack ID you can still attend the NW Mt. Challenge at the Hoodoo Ski Resort in Oregon July 24th, 25th, & 26th. There are 4, 3-D courses on the mountain, including a kids course. There are archery competitions. Raffles and more. The Full Draw Film Tour will be at Hoodoo Saturday night with a presentation of the film tour on a big outdoor screen. And you can see our film there. We hope to see you at Hoodoo! 

Jul 1, 2015

In this podcast I have a lot of fun talking with Aron Snyder about Fieldcraft. Aron shares some valuable bits of advice and some deep insights such as the following:  

What is fieldcraft you may ask? 

Although snares and mushrooms are discussed briefly in this podcast the focus is more on what you need to know to survive in a wilderness, survival situation. We talk about how to start fires, how not to get lost but how to handle the situation if you do. We talk about Aron Ralston and whether you should chop your arm off like he did and if you do, how should you do it? In a moment of vulnerability I confess that I carry two GPS units to which Aron has a difficult time not saying something snarky. Hey, I’m easily lost. 

Of course, the podcast would not be complete without a few tangents, which, this week, includes discussions about non-hunters, photography, film and our upcoming hunts this year. 

Main Points:
Be prepared. 
Physical fitness.
Know your limitations.

"Generally panic is what kills you in a survival situation." 


I'm not going to go into what twigs and berries and mushrooms you should eat because if you get to that point you're in deep caca. 

If you’re going to be Jeremiah Johnson and start a fire with flint and steel, I highly suggest you practice said task in multiple environments, starting with your backyard and some gasoline because that crap ain’t easy. 

My wife can get lost in a phone booth.

People leave with a T-shirt and a smile.

It’s good to stay alive — you don’t want to die.