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May 27, 2015

EPISODE 11: 200 Days In The Field What Are You Eating? With Aron Snyder

 This week on Gritty Bowmen we meet again with Aron Snyder of Kifaru International. Aron is the previous owner of Rokslide, which is an internet hot spot for all things related to DIY backcountry hunting. 

In this podcast you’ll hear Aron’s strategies for taking care of his physical health--like how he eats in the backcountry and how he tries to sleep.  You’ll hear why these things are important. And perhaps you’ll gain some valuable insight on how you can improve our own experience on your next backcountry hunt.

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Featured in this podcast: 

Butt hole Sandwich-Bagel, Almond Butter or Peanut Butter, Honey and Bacon
“Sticks to your stomach like Wooly Mammoth”
Crockpot: Steak, Olive Oil, Veggies. Cook until done.
Spread onto a plastic Food Dehydrator tray and dehydrate. 
Throw into Big Ziploc bags and freeze. When you’re ready to go take 8oz of food per day in a separate Ziploc.  When you’re ready to eat add a cup of boiling water and let it rehydrate it self. 
Angel Hair Pasta with Elk Burger
Idahoan Potatoes and Dehydrate Elk Burger, Peas and Carrots
Breakfast: Aron’s Homemade Granola, Sliced Almonds, Craisins, Branched chain amino acids and glutamine, Chocolate Chips
Whey Protein Powder
MTN OPS | Outdoor Performance Supplements --Enduro
Costco - Propel Zero Flavored Water, Variety, 16.9 oz, 24 ct
Multi-vitamin, Emergen-C®, 90 Packets - Costco Fish Oil Pills
Aron wakes up and eats something to take the edge off. Protein Bar, Snack Bar etc. After he hunts he eats his breakfast. 
Lunch: Salami, gouda cheese, ciabatta bread, honey mustard. Plus some veggies.
Ramadan Sandwiches Pork Cheese bacon and sausage on ciabatta bread 
Candy: Snickers, Payday, 87% dark chocolate bars 
Make your own jerky in the oven. 
Top Ramen: Remove Seasoning Packet. Make your own with Mrs. Dash and EVOO Tuna Fish
LÄRABAR | Simple. Pure. Delicious. LÄRABAR
Meta Fiber Wafers - Metamucil

Common Food Mistakes:
Not eating enough. Not eating often.

Barbell Shrugged Podcast on Sleep and Testosterone Levels with Dr. Kirk Parsley former Navy SEAL.  *Note this podcast is EXPLICIT. They drop F-bombs constantly. However, the sleep and testosterone information is invaluable. Sleep w/ Dr. Kirk Parsley - Barbell Shrugged Episode 113

Aeros Pillow Ultra Light | Sea to Summit

Aron’s one-liners featured in this podcast:
“It does stick to your stomach like a Wooly Mammoth”
"It has enough salt to kill a donkey"
“I could talk Bin-laden out of hiding”. 
“You Cameron Hanes leg humpers, don’t get mad at me.” 
“Cameron is harder then woodpecker lips. He’s a tough guy”
“REI- Return Everything Incorporated”

MeatEater with Steven Rinella on Sportsman Channel

May 21, 2015

In this episode of The Gritty Bowmen Podcast we are back with Aron Snyder discussing what he caries in his backpack--his favorite gear and why.  This podcast is packed with useful information for all backcountry hunting junkies and weekend warriors alike.

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 10: What's In Your Pack? With Aron Snyder

Water Purifier: 
SteriPEN Water Purification | UV Water Purification
shemagh Turban thing that covers head and neck 
humangear - capCAP Lid for water bottle
Nalgene | The original water bottle. Made in the USA. BPA ...
msr dromedary MSR Bladder -4, 6, or 10 liter (Camp Water) 
MSR® Aquatabs® Water Purification Tablets or  
Aquamira® Water Treatment 1 oz.
Water Filters - Products - Katadyn Products Inc. 
MSR SweetWater Water Filter
sawyer squeeze filter

Chest Rig: 
Bino Harness Shop - Alaska Guide Creations
Auto Lock Mojave® Female Buckle - Tri-Point Hardware

Lighting / Headlamps - Black Diamond Red light and can lock in the off position.
petzl myo rxp 2
*e+LITE - Ultra-compact-headlamps | Petzl

Foretrex 401 | Garmin and a Compass

Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Titanium Men's ... - Costco

*Micron Lantern – Primus (It’s HOT) 

New Trent PowerPak Xtreme 12000mAh Rugged Water/Dirt ...- There is a better brand than this that Aron suggests getting instead. We will try to get that info from Aron. 

Havalon Knives

Fire Starter Kit:
Trioxane Fuel at Amazon -‎, Long Burn Matches, Flint and Steel and a Bic Lighter

Patch Kit:
Gear Aid Tenacious Tape -‎, Gear Aid Patches, Gear Aid Seam Grip,

Possibles Pouch:
Patch kit-Gear Aid Tenacious Tape -‎,
SteriPEN Water Purification | UV Water Purification
Havalon Knives
Foretrex 401 | Garmin
Aquamira® Water Treatment 1 oz.
Hot Hands, Spoon
Pills (Vitamin i, Ibuprofen, Vicodan, Oxyconton, Migraine Pills, Energy Pills, Sleeping Pills, etc.)

First aid Kit- surgical glue- AAE Fastset Gel at Amazon -‎suture kit, disinfecting wipes, sunscreen, band aids, *Leuko Tape at‎ QuikClot® - Stop Bleeding Fast | Hemostatic Agent

Kill Kit-Rokslide Backcountry Kill Kit BOMB 1.8mm cord, rubber gloves, T.A.G. Bags - Pristine Ventures  Havalon Knives in a Kifaru International medium pull out

Fozzils Solo Pack Plates, Cup, Bowl 

Explorer satellite sat phone florida 9505 $450 Explorer Satellite Communications - Sate Phones for rent ...
Iridium Satellite Phone Communications | M2M Solutions ...
SPOT Global Phone

Eta Pot – Primus
OmniLite TI – Primus
Fuel Bottles – Primus
ETA Lite – Primus

Camera Gear:
SER.1 6X TRAVELER 4S G-LOCK GT1542T ... -, Sirui ball head, Outdoorsmans Pan Head | The Outdoorsmans, Siri Tripod and suri ball head $225, SLIK CORPORATION - The most copied line of tripods today preferred with flick lock or a SIRUI T-025x at Amazon -‎

Walking Sticks and Trekking Poles:
GRIVEL Condor Pole - Eastern Mountain Sports ,Black Diamond® Whippet -‎Trekking Poles | Easton Outfitters

Sleep System:
Pullouts – Kifaru Intl. Online Store SuperTarp – Kifaru Intl. Online Store 
Rab Alpine Bivi - 
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm -‎ : Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad ...,
Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy - Bivy Sacks |
Rab Ridge Master Nestor Bivy | 
Sleep System – Kifaru Intl. Online StoreWestern Mountaineering or Feathered Friends - Down Sleeping Bags, Down Outerwear ...Sleeping Bags | Montbell America

*Everyone should have in their pack

May 14, 2015

In this Episode of The Gritty Bowmen Podcast we talk to Aron Snyder. Aron is the R&D (research and development) guy at Kifaru Internation and a well-known backcountry hunting enthusiast. Aron is also the previous owner of Rokslide, an internet hot spot for all things related to DIY backcountry hunting.

As you listen you'll be wondering if you should shave your body smooth like an olympic swimmer (OR NOT), you'll learn about chaffing while in the backcountry and what you can do about it, you'll learn about Aron's preferred fire starter and what types of wood and gas stoves he likes to use and why and back country shelter options that he uses in extremely wet conditions like those found in SE Alaska and much more.

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Featured in this podcast:
Monkey Butt Powder
Body Glide
Therma-Rest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot
YouTube Therma-Rest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot Assembly
Gear Review Therma-Rest Luxurylite Ultralite Cot
Trioxane Fire Starter
Primus Omnilite Stove
Kifaru Smith Cylinder Stove
Youtube Review Kifaru Smith Cylinder Stove

May 1, 2015

This week on Gritty Bowmen we talk about some of the camera gear we use to film our hunts and make our movies. We don’t claim to be professional cameramen at Gritty Bowmen. There are a lot of guys out there who know a lot more than we do about filmmaking. And that’s great. But when I was getting into filmmaking I had difficulty finding the resources I needed to step up my game. By the end of today’s podcast you’ll have a clear understanding of the equipment we use and we’ll provide you with some useful links to training materials we’ve used as well as links to the equipment we prefer. 

There is some footage that was taken with a Canon DSLR 70D, a Sony 4K camcorder and a consumer grade Sony Handicam. You can compare the footage between the cameras for yourselves at the end of this podcast. All the footage will be raw and will not have any image correction done on them.  

Thanks for watching.

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