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Dec 28, 2015

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Episode 57: Camera Gear with Aron Snyder

In this podcast Aron covers what lenses he uses, the different cameras he’s tried and what he is currently using and why, his journey through photography and how you can improve your photos, chest straps and clips, what packs he uses, and the questions he gets about photography. 

“Hey Aron - I want to get into photography. I want to take photos of animals from long distances and I have a $1000 budget…” 

Featured in this podcast:

Sony RX100 Oneof the best pocket backpack camera’s. 

 Olympus OD EM 1

Sony A7R

Sony NEX5

Sony NEX6

Sony NEX7

Olympus ODEM

Olympus ODEM1l

Canon 6D

5D Mark3 Canon

Nikon D8-10


LINKS FoR CAMERA BASICS in the other podcast

 Peak Design

 Kifaru Zing

The 22 Mag or the Zing

F-Stop ICU Pod

Sony A7R11

Arca Swiss Mount

Gitzo Tripod

Suri head

ARca Swiss Mount  

50 Millimeter


15 Millimeter Boylander

12 Ml Fisheye

35 ml. 

90 ml. Macro

Swarovski TLS APO Digi scoping Adaptor


Dec 22, 2015

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Episode 56: Show Notes

This week on The Gritty Bowmen Podcast we team up with Phil Mendoza and Will Bradley of The Natural Born Hunter Podcast. Will Bradley is a Train to Hunt director and competitor. Phil is the Train to Hunt National Champion. 

Phil is no stranger to the Gritty Bowmen Podcast. He was on Episode 43: Train to What? Hunt!  and regular Gritty co-host,  Aron Snyder of Kifaru International, shared the story of Phil’s epic big horn sheep hunting trip on Episode 24 and part 2 on Episode 30. 

This podcast is a bit freestyle and covers a wide range of topics. There’s a little bit of everything; from MMA, WWE, Sponsorships and Train to Hunt, to good books, Crossfit and of course some humor thrown in.

Dec 18, 2015

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Show Notes: Episode 55

"Designed to Catch BIGGER Fish"

“My idea of a fly is—when a fish sees it they just drop their jaw.” 

My college roommate and good friend Chad Nelson and his friend Jason Arave share their passion for fly fishing and tying flies. Plus you’ll hear some “big fish” stories from Brian, Jason and Chad. 

Dec 16, 2015

In this episode of The Gritty Bowmen Podcast Brian Call and Aron Snyder discuss the best tripods for your use and money. Aron has spent the past four years testing and re-testing different systems. You’ll hear about his latest hunt to Tiburón Island and his recent duck hunting adventure as well. -Stay Gritty

Featured in this episode:

Outdoorsmans Tripod

Best choice for backpack hunting: 
The Outdoorsman Compact Medium with Micro or Standard Head

Other tripods mentioned: Gitzo

Swarovski TLS APO Digiscoping Adapter 

Aron’s Camera:

Sony A7R II

Canon 70D

Dec 14, 2015

"Hold on! I can make it to the car. We don't need to call the bloody ambulance!" 

Dec 9, 2015

On this episode of the Gritty Bowmen we talk with Ty Stubblefield of Born and Raised Outdoors and Back Country Hunters and Anglers. Ty has been an avid supporter of conservation for the past 17 years. Ty talks about his bowhunting season, how you can help keep the lands you hunt on public and why and upcoming events like the Full Draw Film Tour that you can meet up and sign up for BHA.

Sign up for BHA for only $15 in December. That's $10 off and be entered to win $1,000 in Sitka Gear!

Dec 8, 2015

On this episode of The Gritty Bowmen we hang out with our friends Nick Best and Calvin Halladay to listen to the tale of Big ‘D’. An old cagey bull with a ton of character. The nickname Big ‘D’ stands for Daggers. Hunters often refer to the G4 antler as “The Dagger”, hence the name Big ‘D’. We hear about the history of this bull and how this bull survived so long on public land here in Oregon. We talk about the raffle tag being won by a poor college student and we learn about how Calvin helped hunt this bull and why. We also learn about late season elk hunting tactics.

Dec 1, 2015

In this podcast you’ll learn how to use your GPS unit in conjunction with land navigation,  converting grid to magnetic and magnetic to grid, intersection, re-section and back azimuth and a brief overview of why you would want to use land navigation. 

Nov 26, 2015

In this episode of The Gritty Bowmen Aron Snyder of Kifaru International shares Navigation Basics. Brian Call is known for his knack of getting "misplaced" which is a polite way of saying getting lost. Aron shares a wealth of information in his typical no-nonsense, funny way that will hopefully leave you entertained and educated. We hope you enjoy this podcast and we'd like to thank Aron for all the time, effort, thought and hardwork he put into making this podcast. -Stay Gritty

Nov 5, 2015

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Aron and I were supposed to talk about Ethical Shot distance. But instead, we got side-tracked on a few tangents and completely left the reservation. In this podcast we actually talk about hunting industry camo patterns--Aron makes a few jokes--no offense intended. We talk about what’s going on at Kifaru lately. And we promise that our next episode will, in fact, cover ethical shot distance. Please excuse the poor audio quality of my microphone in this podcast--I screwed up.

Nov 1, 2015

In this episode of The Gritty Bowmen Podcast we talk with Corey Jacobsen. Corey is an 8 time Elk Calling Champion. He owns an Elk Hunting website with all things related to hunting elk. We talk about Corey's Elk Hunting Season this year. Corey reveals he shot his elk with a frontal shot and we delve into that for a bit. Corey shares a few tips and tricks and what types of arrows and broad heads he used this year. 

Featured in this podcast:

G5 Striker Broadhead

Oct 29, 2015

On this Episode of Gritty Bowmen we hang out with my uncle Kevin Call--joint owner of High Point Outfitters in Arizona. Kevin runs highpoint with his son Blake and their longtime friend John Adams. Kevin knows Arizona--he’s been hunting Arizona since the 70’s. 

I grew up watching my uncle Kevin hunt all over the West killing monster mule deer, elk, antelope and more. I grew up seeing photos of his hunts and his hunting stories in magazines and hearing hunting stories at family reunions. I can still remember the first time I walked into his giant garage--there were deer and elk antlers from floor to ceiling of all the animals he’s taken. To me, those antlers represent a mountain of time spent in the outdoors and a vast amount of collected experiences. In this podcast Uncle Kevin shares his thoughts on hunting AZ. My Dad and Kevin share some special memories of hunting Arizona in areas like the Kaibab and the Arizona Strip when they were younger. We talk about guiding and being an outfitter and why he does it. 

And we learn about Kevin’s favorite game camera--after all, High Point Outfitters runs about 200 game cameras all year. Coincidentally, I bought a couple of the cameras recommended after recording this podcast and I’m quite pleased with their performance.

If you’re listening to this podcast you might want to take a moment to watch the beginning to see some pictures of some amazing Arizona elk, deer and antelope.

Featured in this podcast:

High Point Outfitters

HPO Youtube Channel 

Stealth Cam G30

Oct 27, 2015

EPISODE 39: Gaps In Our Fitness & What We're Doing To Fix It.

Aron Snyder (Kifaru Int.) and Brian Call (Gritty Bowmen) talk about their fitness and nutrition plans. They share what worked this hunting season and what didn't and set some goals for improvement in the upcoming year. 

Featured in this Podcast: 

The Paleo Solution 

The Primal Blueprint 

The Glycemic Index

Oct 21, 2015

In this episode Brian and Aron talk about some of the mistakes they made this hunting season and in season's past. 

Oct 16, 2015

In this podcast Brian Call and the fellow Gritty Bowmen, Ben Morris and Anthony Spencer share the story of their 2015 Elk Hunt. They ultimately end up with a Warrior. The antler in his shoulder and missing antler were just a few of the clues to this old bull's life.  - Stay Gritty 

Oct 14, 2015

Which type of Hunting Partner are you? In typical Aron Snyder fashion he has come up with some different types. For example "The Grass is Always Greener Than Syndrome Guy" - There is always going to be something better over the next ridge. Or "Mr. Rogers" - He's always happy and positive to the point of annoyance for some. Or are you the "Through Hiker"? All go, no quit. Or "The Hunting Nazi"? He shoots everything out from under you. He's the first guy to break rank. Find out which one you are and which type of partners you have. 

Featured in this podcast:
The Five Love Languages

Oct 10, 2015

Join us for today’s podcast as Mark Brownlee and I visit, backstage, with the boys from the full draw film tour and some chuckleheads from the audience while on location at the Portland show. This podcasts consists of 4 20-minute interviews.  First we interview Joe Sanchez and Morgan Gregory. Joe drops some helpful tips on using Instagram and explains how he’s pretty sure that he was the first hunter ever to post on Instagram. Morgan shares some insight on filmmaking tools and they both answer questions about filmmaking. 

Next up we visit with Brad Minzey and Josh Marvin. And they share their passion for the Full Draw Film Tour and why they got involved in the tour. We have a great time getting to know these two guys and they inspire us to get involved and support the tour. 

Next we visit with two of our good friends and audience members, Cory Miller of XXX archery and Jason Phelps of Phelp’s Game Calls. These two jokers talk about the pink hat and how Portland raised more money for the Wishes For Warriors charity than any other city to that point. The share the story of how Chris Pascua of Is It September Yet, donated his raffle prize --a brand new Hoyt bow--to Wishes For Warriors. The bow was auctioned off that night and raised more than $1,000 for Wishes for Warriors--adding significantly to the total dollars that evening. And Jason and Corey share a few parting elk hunting tips before the conversation is over. 

Lastly, we sit down with our good friend Kody Kellom and huge FDFT supporter, Mike Crawford. These two men share their passion for the tour and why it’s more than just a collection of movies for them. And they tell us what they think makes a good film and more.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. Sit back, grab a drink, and listen-in as a group of good guys talk about their love of hunting, their desire to give back to veterans, and how things like the FDFT are changing the world’s perception of hunting in a positive way.  

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