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Aug 29, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk to our friends, Sarah and Josh Bowmar of Bowmarfitness. As many of you know, josh killed a bear with a spear in May. He made a video of his hunt and the video caused a public outcry. It is legal to hunt bears in Alberta Canada with a spear. Due to the public outcry, the Alberta government launched a formal investigation into the Bowmars and their spear-hunt and determined that this hunt was completely legal and the investigation has been closed. Sarah Bowmar was partnered with Under Armour at the time of the hunt. Under Armour dropped Sarah in the wake of the media backlash and issued a formal PR statement that they do not condone spear hunting and that Josh was reckless. In this podcast we talk to Josh about the spear hunt. We learn about his motives and qualifications for spear hunting. We get his take on the Under Armour deal. 

Aug 24, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we hang out with Crossfit legend, Chris Spealler. Legend might seem like a strong word to some but to me and many others, Chris Spealler is the epitome of the word legend. The dictionary says a legend is (quote) “a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well.”
And by this definition; Chris Spealler is, by all accounts, a legend. Spealler is a former college wrestler from a family of standout athletes, Chris Spealler quickly became one of CrossFit’s leading ambassadors, impressing and inspiring newcomers to the sport with his underdog spirit, unequaled work ethic, and warm personality. A competitor at the very first CrossFit Games in 2007. He was the only performer from the ’07 Games who was also in the 2014 games.
Spealler continues to train and coach at CrossFit Park City in Utah, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their children Roark and Myla and where we recorded this podcast.
I’m a huge fan of Chris Spealler for a hundred reasons. Not least of which is his commitment to his family. And so it was only natural to include all of them on this podcast. Spealler’s wife Sarah shares how they met and began dating, which is a wild story. Chris shares his fitness knowledge. And we talk about mental toughness; something Spealler knows and understands all too well. Hunting is altogether new to Chris. So I ask the Gritty Bowmen community to welcome the Spealler family into the hunting life.  
Chris has just started his own podcast called Icon Athlete Podcast. If you want to learn more about fitness or just like Chris Spealler, do me a favor, and go and subscribe to his podcast. I especially enjoyed his recent podcast with Matt Chan, a fellow Crossfit Games Athlete, who IS, in fact, also a bowhunter. Check it out!

Featured on this podcast:


Aug 19, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we hang out with the one and only, Zac Griffith of Summit Productions. About two years ago I was scoping-out archery elk hunting films on Vimeo and I came across ZAC’s channel and a film called “Golden Brown.” I hit the play button. I loved it. First of all, late-season archery elk hunts are very uncommon; I saw this dude bowhunting elk in a freakin’ blizzard--the contrast was beautiful; the elk “popped” against the snow like so much “Brown Gold.” And Zac’s edit of the film was all his own--completely unique; in true Zac Griffith style. Zac marches to the beat of his own drum. And I respect this. Because Zac doesn’t produce content to please a broad audience. Zac creates content that speaks to him. His movie style is all his own, like his flat-brim hats and rap music; which seem to drive some country folk crazy. For my part, I like Zac Griffith. I like his raw and real, what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality. Zac doesn’t pretend to be anything but who he is. And I like his artistry. It’s different. And although not all of it resonates with me, I like how Zac bridges the gap between his world and where he grew up to that of the more traditional hunting community--making those inner-city dudes feel welcome in the mountains, with bow in hand, with the rest of us, connecting with nature.  

Featured on this podcast:


Zac Griffith Wyoming Archery Mule Deer

Aug 15, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we visit with friend Scott Carr at Brent Hahn's home in Salem Oregon at after Joel Turner’s Iron Mind Hunting shooting clinic. I first met Scott at the Train To Hunt event in Enumclaw Washington. My first impression of Scott, watching him shoot and run the Train To Hunt course, is that he’s an animal--a fierce competitor who gives everything he’s got. The man has heart, determination, and an iron will.

Scott didn’t used to be the fit guy he is
today. In fact, before Train To Hunt, Scott was your typical 9 to 5, overweight, company man. But Scott made decision to change all that. And this weekend he took 3rd-place in the 2016 Train To Hunt Nationals Event, Master’s Division. There are a lot of things that impress me about Scott Carr--but one thing that stands out to me is how he makes a decision to get better and then finds a way to do it. 

On this podcast, Scott tells his inspiring story. We get a peak into his mind and we learn a little about how he thinks and what drives him. Scott is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met who also wants to crush you in a competition. I think that’s one of the reasons I like him so much. He’s a competitor, and fierce one. Meet Scott Carr.

Featured on this podcast:

Enumclaw, WA - TTH video short

Joel Turner

Aug 12, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we tour the Hoyt Factory Head Quarters in Utah and hangout with our friend, Jeremy Eldridge, Hoyt’s Marketing Manager. Aron Snyder couldn’t make this trip so Jordan Harbertson of MTN OPS fulfilled the co-host role in Aron’s absence. I’m excited to share this podcast. Hoyt has been around for nearly 100 years. They have a rich history and a promising future. This year’s Hoyt Defiant Bow is among the best I’ve ever shot and seeing the behind the scenes engineering and manufacturing of this bow only made it more impressive. It’s a great time to be a bow hunter. Compound bow technology is at an all time high. The accuracy and effectiveness of today’s equipment is truly amazing. The information about how to shoot and hunt is only a keyboard or a smartphone away and more and more people are getting into archery every day. With movies like Hunger Games with Katniss and her Hoyt Buffalo, Avengers with Hawkeye and Merida from Disney’s Brave, archery and bowhunting is in the spotlight in a positive and inspiring way. And whether you shoot Hoyt or not check out Hoyt’s #IAmDefiant videos on YouTube. You’ll see some inspiring people with some inspiring messages.

Aug 11, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen I get to hang out with my friend, Ryan Lampers; although I call him Donnie Vincent Lampers. Ryan has a very Donnie Vincent-esque look that makes me think of films like Rivers Divide and Tera Nova--and when I look at Ryan, I find myself reciting Donnie lines in my head like, “Sometimes hunts go quick. Sometimes they take years. But one thing’s for sure, there’s always a story… and one that’s usually worth telling.” Or this line, “Don’t confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter. It’s time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are.”

But Ryan is not Donnie. Although I would argue that he gives Donnie a run for his money in the cool hair department. Ryan is Ryan. A tough dude who consistently kills old and mature big game animals on public land on over-the-counter hunts, year after year. And his success rate doesn’t surprise me after watching him compete at my first Train To Hunt course in Enumclaw Washington earlier this year. Ryan can shoot--most importantly, he can shoot under extreme pressure. I watched him do this at two Train To Hunt events. And I tried mightily to throw him off his game--heckling and taunting him. Sticking a camera in his face and threatening to show the world his failures. All in good fun, of course. I was impressed. And not only can he shoot, he can grind physically; winning a podium spot at three separate Train To Hunt Challenge Events. And he’s a cool dad to boot.  

On this podcast we talk about what it takes to be a good hunter. I ask Ryan how he succeeds on public land, OTC hunts on big, big-animals every year. It’s good stuff. I really like Ryan Lampers. You will too. 

Featured on this podcast:

Hillary Lampers



Aug 10, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we learn how to become a better shooter from Joel Turner, owner of Iron Mind Hunting. Joel’s instruction is much different from any other shooting instruction I have ever received. This is a quote from Joel that touches on his philosophy. “People get stuck in the rut of thinking tactics and gadgets will solve their problems. What I am here to show you is it’s not the tools you have but the system you must have in place to be effective.” At first glance, it is easy to dismiss Joel’s ideas and training as “snake oil” or as the same thing you’ve heard from countless other efficient shooters. But, although seeming subtle, I found Joel’s ideas and teaching methods profoundly different from anything I have heard before. I cannot recommend Joel Turner’s shooter-training enough. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to the game, Joel is an effective teacher with an Iron Mind. You don’t want to miss this podcast.  

At the end of this podcast Joel shares some deep thoughts on how to call-in big bulls using what he calls the “Bull Calling Cows” bugle. It’s a fascinating concept and Joel has the track record to back-up his theory. It’s interesting stuff. Something I’ll probably be trying out on my next elk hunting adventure. You can find everything you want to know about Joel Turner at - Check him out. You won’t regret it.

Iron Mind Hunting

Additional notes courtesy of GB listener Nick Strand… Thanks Nick!

Recoil bracing - input into the shot
- it happens when we anticipate the explosion
Seek controlled shot *under pressure*
- be able to stop shot at any time
“Do not shoot an arrow unless it’s perfectly controlled.”

Speech and movement are linked
- fix speech pattern to fix movement
No slow movement - wasting muscle energy and increase fatigue

***Draw Sequence***
Draw - get it done, stick it on there
Aim - put your pin on it
- watch it to keep it
- compare to driving, keep it between the lines
- keep pulling
- compare to football player “keep running!”  *keep means to continue*
- put concentration in to movement that makes bow go off
- slow steady pressure *DO NOT speed up words*
- to speed up shot, increase aggression instead of speed


“Good concentration equals good shooting.”
Closed loop - controlled, can stop shot at any time - DESIRED
Open loop - movements lead to actions, can’t stop shot sequence
- open loop shooters will “only get as good as your recoil bracing allows you to.”
**Need to be able to switch from open loop to closed loop when necessary

Snap Shot
- efficient, not necessarily accurate
- good hunters, calm killers but not consistent 3D shooters
Shooting is all about concentration and control.  Do not go on auto-pilot.
Shooting is simple, but it’s not easy.


Aug 9, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen Aron Snyder drops some knowledge about his shot sequence process and "rednecking" his recurve Hoyt Buffalo. 


Aug 9, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we hang out with friend, Tim Burnett of SOLO HNTR. Earlier this year, I showed Tim a film I was working on to get his opinion on my edit of the film. Long story short, the hunt is a solo blacktail deer hunt. Tim asked me if I wanted to share my film on his TV Show, SOLO HNTR, and the rest is history. The film first debuted at the Full Draw Film Tour earlier this year. But now you can see the film on the SOLO HNTR TV Show that airs this week, starting August 9th on the Outdoor Channel. For more TV show times, go to or look-up SOLO HNTR on the Outdoor Channel. But if you’re like me, and you don’t really do the TV thing, Tim crushes it on Youtube. You can find a ton of great of content on the SOLO HNTR website and the SOLO HNTR Youtube channel. If you miss my film on the TV show, you can still see it when Tim posts it to YouTube. I hope you enjoy this podcast. I always enjoy hanging out with Tim Burnett. Tim is real. What you see is what you get and I find that refreshing.

Aug 4, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we hang with the Hushin boys in our Hotel room after midnight at the Total Archery Challenge. Hush is a group of guys who share their hunting and fishing adventures on their YouTube Channel, HUSHIN. On this podcast you meet the guys behind HUSHIN; Casey Lavere, Eric Chesser, and Brian Mclrea. There is sooo much to love about these guys it’s no wonder they have the largest digital hunting channel on the web. These guys are genuine to the core. They’re super funny and they never take themselves too seriously. And in a world of judgemental keyboard warriors; the HUSH crew is a breath of fresh air--always respectful and open and kind to everyone they meet; Slow to judge and unafraid to be themselves. This is a good podcast. You don’t want to miss it. After the show, check them out at and at hushin on YouTube. 
Today, 9:40 AM

Aug 3, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Aron Snyder and myself, visit with our friend, David Brinker, of Sitka Gear. We recorded this podcast at the ATA Show, more than six months ago in January of this year. This is a podcast you should watch if you have time. You will never see a more uncomfortable and awkward Aron Snyder in your life; which is well worth watching. But the best part of this podcast is watching Brinker bust out songs on his guitar in the middle of the ATA Show at the MTN OPS booth for all to see. And David shares a song he wrote himself. And I love the song. I love the song for many reasons, and some these reasons are pretty-well summed up by these quotes: 

“The music I listen to will tell you more about me than my mouth ever could.” 
“If anyone tells you a song is important to them, you should turn it up loud; close your eyes and really LISTEN. Because in the end, you will know that person much better.”
“Music has a great power for bringing people together. With so many forces in this world acting to drive wedges between people, it’s important to preserve those things that help us experience our common humanity.” 

I could not help but notice how Brinker’s talents brought disparate people together; blurring boundaries between competing brands and companies. And I learned more about David by listening to his song than I ever could in a 1-hour conversation on a podcast. And the next time you’re outside watching the sun rise, I hope you don’t take for granted how splendid it really is. 

If you’re like me and you really enjoyed Brinker’s song, “Something ‘Bout a Sunrise”--you can download the mp3 from the show notes of this podcast at The song is free. It’s just about sharing a good hunting song and bringing people together. Do me favor, get on Facebook and Instagram and follow David Brinker Music--I love to see people pursue interests that fulfill them and change the lives of the people around them. David Brinker Music is one of those things. Give him a follow and if you like his music, and if you ever see David, stop by, shake his hand and let him know what you think.    



Aug 2, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we recap part one of the British Columbia Bear Hunt with Primitive Outfitters & Aron Snyder. 

Jul 28, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about the general public’s perception of hunters and why it matters. We also discuss Trophy Hunting, DIY, Guided Hunts and more.

Jul 27, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we hang out with Casey and Jordan Harbertson of MTN OPS in the hotel after midnight at the Total Archery Challenge in Utah. This is just a fun podcast among good friends. Mostly we talk about Casey and Jordan’s recent trip to New Zealand where they hunted Tahr and Red Stag. It’s good stuff. Makes me want to take a trip to Middle-Earth someday soon for my own epic adventure

Jul 24, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about launching the Aron Snyder Photography website and Aron shares more details on how to get those outdoor shots. 

Jul 21, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we visit with friends Russ Meyer and Christopher Claunch, post Train To Hunt event at Cascadian Bowmen, in Noti Oregon. On this podcast we talk about all sorts of things; we talk about Claunch’s fitness journey. We talk about the Gritty Bowmen early days, which aren’t really, all that long ago. We talk about bow shooting. Claunch and I geek-out on entrepreneurship and some of the many influences that have impacted our lives, and more. Christopher Claunch and Russ Meyer couldn’t be more opposite. And yet, they are friends. I like that. And these two men inspire me; albeit in different ways. I hope there are a few bits and pieces in this podcast that positively impact your life, like they impacted mine.

Jul 21, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen Aron and Brian talk about the tradlife,  the recent British Columbia Bear Hunt, the Total Archery Challenge in Snowbird UT, Aron's hunting style preference and previous hunting experiences and more. 

Jul 14, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we visit with Matt Anderson, his wife Sharon, and Brian Fraiser and his wife Kara. This is just a fun discussion among friends. Matt and Brian competed against each-other at the Enumclaw Washington Train To Hunt event, but partnered-up and competed in the Team Event for Oregon. I have a fun hanging out with these two couples and getting to know them a little better. Matt Anderson won the Washington TTH event and Brian Fraiser came in 2nd place. Together, they took second-place in the Team division in Oregon. In this podcast we talk about how they prepare for Train To Hunt--both have very different preparations; but each of them have achieved a high-level of fitness. We also talk about supplements and we laugh a lot. 

It was a pleasure meeting their wives, Kara and Sharon, and gathering their input too. Whether you are into Train To Hunt or not, I believe you’ll enjoy this podcast. At the end of the day, we’re all hunters and we have a passion for the outdoors. I hope you laugh; I hope you learn something new and I hope feel inspired by these gritty people.  

Jul 7, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we visit with Shannon Mobbs and Cory Ford of Angry Spike Productions and we talk Roosevelt Elk hunting. I remember when I bought my first Angry Spike Productions DVD more than 10 years ago. I bought the DVD from good friend Cory Miller, who was in a couple of those early DVDs. I remember watching these guys call-in elk, on over the counter tags in thick coastal, rain forest country--Shannon Mobbs can hunt Roosevelt elk. He’s a Roosevelt killing machine and his wall at home displays some amazing coastal bulls, which I have included in the video version of this podcast. He’s also been blessed to shoot a Rocky Mountain Bull Elk, on a draw tag, that scores just shy of 400 inches. Shannon knows how to hunt elk. He’s been consistently getting it done in the elk woods for multiple decades. On this podcast he shares his opinions and experiences calling-in elk. It’s a fascinating show whether you’re into Roosevelt elk hunting or not--in many ways, an elk, is an elk, is an elk. Angry Spike Productions quit producing DVDs a few years ago. So, we got them set-up online and now you can digitally download their old DVDs on a link on the Gritty Bowmen Website. Just go to and click the VHX link and follow the prompts from there. Type in the coupon code ‘GRITTY’ at checkout and you can get 50% off each DVD download. It’s a cool thing. I tremendous much respect for anybody who attempts to film and produce video content from their hunts--these guys have done it. The footage is a little old but the call-ins and the bugling are solid. I learned a lot from watching these guys hunt on these old films. Listen to this podcast and see what you think. And then go download one of their videos from our website and enjoy some raw and real roosevelt elk hunting. And hopefully, these guys will produce a new film this year--get on Instagram and follow them at AngrySpikeProductions. And feel free to send them your questions and to ask them about producing a new and updated elk hunting film for 2016--rumor has it they’re sitting on tons of great elk hunting video.

Jun 30, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we visit with Andy Ponce and friend Robert Bourland. Andy is the owner of Addictive Archery and a master arrow-maker. Andy is a real craftsman when it comes to building arrows. His arrows are works of art. And he makes these incredible arrows out of wood; although he does build beautiful arrows out of carbon shafts too--it’s the wood arrows that really get your attention. According to Andy, wood arrows have a bad rap due to the fact that the majority of wood arrows on the market are poorly made. Andy geeks out on wood arrows. He pays attention to detail--ensuring that his arrows all weigh the same and have the same spine from batch to batch. And he builds some amazing footed arrows--where the front of the arrow is built out of Ironwood or some such hardwood while the main shaft is built out of cedar or fur--making the tip of the arrow very strong while ensuring the overall straightness and weight of the arrow shaft is ideal for accurate and effective shooting.

You can go to to see pictures and pricing for Andy’s arrows. And you can look him up on Instagram at addictivearchery--all one word. Whether you shoot compound and want some sweet, custom carbon arrows for your rig or you shoot traditional and want the creme de la creme of wood arrows; give Andy Ponce a jingle and get yourself some.   

Jun 27, 2016

In winter 2014 I decided I wanted to learn how to make a good outdoor film. I bought a computer, some editing software and some online tutorials. I started teaching myself how to make a movie. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed help. I stumbled across a 3-day film school hosted by the Full Draw Film Tour. Little did I know, this school would have a profound influence on my life and the advent of the Gritty Bowmen. On this episode of the Gritty Bowmen, I visit with a most excellent friend of mine, Grady Rawls. Grady was one of two instructors at the Full Draw Film School--Kody Kellom was the other. I drank from the proverbial firehose that weekend and I learned more about outdoor filmmaking in those 3 days than I had learned at home in the previous 3 months combined. But it wasn’t what I learned that would change the direction of my life--it was the confidence and the encouragement to follow my passion, given to me by the people I met over those 3 days. People like Grady, Kody, South Cox, Kristy Titus, Ty Stubblefield, Jason Phelps, Josh Keller and more. The Film School dumped gasoline on what previously had been just a spark of a flame. In the subsequent months, I began producing GRITTY content. And whenever I posted a video or a podcast and it seemed that nobody was watching or listening, Grady Rawls was ALWAYS there. He was a teacher and a mentor--but more than that, Grady believed in me and never stopped heaping gasoline on my fire. And for that, I am deeply indebted to him.

Featured on this podcast:
Grady's Wedding Videography Living Sky Productions
Grady on Facebook
Grady on Instagram

Rode NTG-3
Rode Video Mic Pro
Zoom H4N
Sony Alpha A7R II

Jun 21, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we travel to Roseburg Oregon to the “quote, unquote” “Kellom Ranch” and we talk elk hunting with Trent Fischer and Kody Kellom of Born and Raised Outdoors. I’ve been a huge fan of Born And Raised Outdoors since I got my hands on one of their early DVDs, “The Reason.” I own every one one of their DVDs and every July, August and September I watch them over and over again. I like to run their show in the background in my basement while I’m working out. My wife and kids are sick of Born and Raised but I never get tired of them. They’re real. They are genuine. What you see on camera is who they are in real-life.  To me, the Born And Raised crew represents the quintessential public-land, over-the-counter-elk hunter. They find a why to kill elk with a bow year after year. AND, they capture it on film in a way that’s real. Just like how it is for me with my hunting buddies. I’ve come to know these guys on a personal level--with Kody Kellom and Ty Stubblefield becoming what I consider close friends.

On this podcast they tell us about their secret sauce for consistently killing elk. We share hunting stories and we talk about how they got started. It’s all GRITTY stuff. Do me a favor and go and follow Born And Raised Outdoors on Instagram if you aren’t already. They are the good guys--good ole’ fashion Oregon boys who love to hunt. And check-out their Youtube Channel and subscribe. They’ve got some killer elk-hunting video on there and they’re adding new stuff weekly. Finally… for those of you wondering if Born And Raised Outdoors is EVER going to produce another DVD--you can stop wondering. They FINALLY did another DVD--it will be available on July 1st at


Jun 15, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we hang out with Corey Jacobsen of Elk101, Kody Kellom of Full Draw Film Tour and Born And Raised Outdoors, and our mutual friend Clint Radford--elk hunter, blacktail hunter, high school teacher, Sitka gear-junky, and family man. On this podcast we finally talk about #PROJECTSUCCESS or rather, UEH. The University of Elk Hunting--this is Corey’s new online elk hunting course. This course is the culmination of 30-years of elk hunting experience. In fact, the course is more than 120,000 words, has more than 70 video components and hundreds of diagrams and images. This course is seriously awesome. On this podcast, Clint tells us about his thoughts on the training courses. This podcast can’t help but come off as a giant sales-pitch to get you to buy this online course--and even though that’s kinda what this podcast is--it’s also way more than that. I really do believe that the course is worth every penny to every elk hunter out there. And, shamelessly, I would love to see Corey get wildly rewarded for the work he’s put into this course and for the knowledge he freely shares to help elk hunters across the world find greater success year after year in the elk woods. Corey has worked his butt off to make this online course come to life. So sit back, listen to the show and if you like what you’ve heard--do yourself a solid, and enroll in UEH.  

The discount code is GRITTY40--the word GRITTY, G R I T T Y and the number 40--with this discount code you’ll save 40% off the University of Elk Hunting online course. The code expires on Halloween night. It’s $59 bucks with the code and $99 dollars without it. It’s worth every penny. Stay GRITTY friends!


Jun 8, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, Brian gets some schooling on how to adjust a backpack for running a race with 100lbs. vs. hunting and packing your meat out. Brian also gives us the run down of the recent Train To Hunt event in Enumclaw, Washington where he decided to run the 100lb. meat pack event “for fun”. Aron shares his knowledge on the ins and outs of pack adjustment and weight distribution. 

For more information on properly adjusting your backpack check out Episode 14: Is this pack adjusted right?

Featured on this podcast:

Jeff Lander

Jun 6, 2016

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, I visit with friend Josh Nordwick of Mountain Fitness: The Hunters Fitness Solution. I know many people who exercise regularly but are plagued with pain in their low-back, hips, knees, shoulders, and more. And I have friends and family members who have lived sedentary lives behind computers or behind the wheel of a truck and now suffer with chronic back and neck pain and more. In this podcast Josh and I talk a little about how to get your body back--how to get your back pain, knee pain, neck pain...  to go away. It’s about proper body movement to build strength and correct bad movement patterns. If you’re body feels like it’s falling apart, learn how to fix it and make it strong again. Josh is a young dude who geeks out on health and fitness. He loves to help people who have lost hope. Who don’t think they can live an active, outdoor lifestyle any longer--who think that age has caught up to them and it’s time to cash in their chips and just watch the young hunters get it done without them. I hope you like Josh and you learn something new from this podcast--and maybe, just maybe some of you will find a way to get your body back. Connect with Josh at and on Facebook at Mountain Fit: The Hunters Fitness Solution. 

Disclaimer: Before you start any exercise talk to a medical professional.

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